It's your turn: will you decide to grow old with dignity or you'll do every possible thing to stop the physical decline, even if the price to pay is just another bit of your precious time?
The idea for the game was born from the old tradition of card games as allegory of the human subjugation to Destiny, and of game turns as the passage of time. In a contemporary context, with the commercial exploitation of the cult of the body and the need for control and security...the mood will be satiric, since laughter, as they say, is the only socially acceptable kind of catharsis.
Inspired by Xtreme MakeOver, the Tarot, Death becomes her, the Cribbage, Isabel Preysler and Snow white's Stepmother.
2-4 players, 30-45 minutes.
Game mechanics: hand management, card combos.
Concept and development: Carme Romero.
You can download the rules here: (only in Spanish for the moment)

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