Shoplifting 2

Shoplifting 2 (2006) is a stealth-based game in which a group of heroes, recently cast out of the Forgotten Realms, need to survive in a big mall, where they lead a marginal, underground life. Starting with a capital of 1 €, they need to progress in their shoplifting skills, avoiding all sorts of security systems (CCTV, security guards, alarmed pins...).

Shoplifting 2 was made with the Infinity Engine over the commercial game Baldur's Gate II, and is a total conversion of it. To play Shoplifting 2, then, you need a copy of the original game.

Shoplifting 2 can be downloaded from the website of the project:

In order to develop Shoplifting 2, I had a good dive into the Infinity Engine, learning everything about the structure of the engine and the original game. I used the tools provided by the IE community to alter graphics, story, dialogues and behaviors... the result is a game totally different from the original in appearance and gameplay. In the process, I learned a lot about this sort of games.

Download the game's booklet with the instructions here.

Gameplay video:

sl2-cd from El Bicho on Vimeo.

Installation in Windows 7:

Instalación del juego Shoplifting 2 en Windows 7 from El Bicho on Vimeo.

Shoplifting 2
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