Memory Castles

Are you studying a language and need to memorize vocabulary, irregular verbs or the genre of nouns? Or maybe you have a chemistry exam soon and think you can't cope with more formulas? With Memory Castles you can, in a easy, colorful way! Just choose your subject and write down your questions and answers: they will be the money to construct your castle. How tall will your towers be? You can adjust the difficulty of the game to your current skill, and make it harder as you progress. See in a very graphic way how you get better and better!

--This game was made as a birthday present to my sister Laura. She was already using a buch of blank cards to study and memorize, so I thought it might be nice to make her system more gameful...

You can print and play this game right now, if you want.
Just download the rules and the cards, print them and play!

My advices to construct print & play, custom or prototype card games.

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Memory Castles
Memory Castles
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